RIHPHC Publications

RIHPHC publications
RIHPHC has published reports on historic and architectural resources in neighborhoods, cities, and towns, as well as on statewide themes.

The Rhode Island Historical Preservation & Heritage Commission (RIHPHC) has produced 58 publications about each of the state's 39 towns and several historic neighborhoods, as well as for thematic studies. Although the publications are out-of-print, they remain invaluable resources for researchers, armchair explorers, and residents.

A few hard copies are available for sale for $15 from RIHPHC: these are indicated by an asterisk*. For more information, email Sarah Zurier or call her at (401)222-4142.

Also, see RIHPHC's Heritage Pamphlets to learn about the experiences of several ethnic communities in Rhode Island. 

Cities, Towns, and Neighborhoods

Statewide Topics