Information for Property Owners

Avis Block, North Kingstown
Avis Block (1851), included in the Wickford Historic District in North Kingstown, listed in the National Register in 1972. The current owners recently carried out a Rhody Award-winning restoration.

The Rhode Island Historical Preservation & Heritage Commission offers financial assistance and practical advice to help owners preserve and protect the real value of their historic properties.

Preservation tax credits help owners help owners meet the costs of major restoration and rehabilitation of historic income-producing properties. Loans can support restoration, rehabilitation, and acquisition costs for stewards and owners of historic buildings. 

Grants for preservation planning and for capital preservation projects are available for qualified public and non-profit applicants. 

Owners of properties listed in the State or National Register of Historic Places may purchase a State Register plaque to display.

For restoration advice, contact Virginia Hesse at (401) 222-4135 or Roberta Randall at (401) 222-4333.