I Want To...

Our website offers many of the answers to your preservation questions. Let's point you in the right direction. 

donate an artifact collection, historic documents, etc.

The RIHPHC does not accept donations of collections. If you would like assistance finding a qualified custodian, visit the Staff Directory to contact one of the staff archaeologists or historians.

find funding for my preservation project

Visit the Financial Assistance pages in the Preserve and Protect section of the website. Discover opportunities for grants (for non-profit organizations, cities and towns, Federally-recognized tribes); loans (for owners of historic properties); tax credits (for developers); and easements (for owners of historic properties). 

get approval for work on a historic building

First, identify who is requiring approval and under what rules. Typically, this is the local Historic District Commission if your neighborhood is governed by historic district zoning. Call your local planning department or building official. If you are applying for an RIHPHC incentive (tax credits, loans, etc.), you will need RIHPHC approval. 

get professional advice

Visit the Staff Directory to contact the appropriate member of the RIHPHC staff.

learn about a historic place

Gather basic information from the Historic Property search and learn more in the Historic Places section of the website. If you are pursuing additional research, we recommend contacting the Rhode Island Historical Society, Rhode Island State Archives, Rhode Island State Library, Providence Public Library Rhode Island Collection, and Newport Historical Society. Local libraries, local historical societies, municipal archives, and university libraries can be excellent sources, too. 

metal detect on State property

RIHPHC does not permit recreational metal detecting on land that is owned or controlled by the State of Rhode Island

purchase a plaque for my historic building

Get the details about RIHPHC's plaques for properties listed in the State Register of Historic Places. Ask your local preservation society if they also have a plaque program. 

save a threatened historic place

Use the Historic Property search to gather basic information, and confirm if the building is located on the National Register of Historic Places and/or in a municipality with historic district zoning. Then contact your municipal planning department; your local historical and preservation societies; and Preserve Rhode Island.