2022 Certified Local Government Grants Round

RIHPHC is no longer accepting applications for the FFY 2022 Certified Local Government (CLG) Grants and is preparing to announce the slate of awardees. The grants will support projects within the following categories: Identification and Evaluation of Historic Resources, Planning Activities, Resource-Specific Activities, Public Education Activities, and Statewide Projects. 

Within these categories, three funding priorities will merit special consideration. Grant proposals that are responsive to these specific priorities will receive extra points in our scoring and review process. These include:

  • Projects that help communities plan for protecting historic resources from the effects of climate change and sea level rise (State Plan Goal 1, Objective A2 and Goal 3, Objective C4)
  • Projects that promote the recognition or preservation of resources associated with historically underrepresented groups (State Plan Goal 1, Objective A3 and Goal 4, Objective A5)
  • Projects that will provide training opportunities for historic district commissions and municipal planning staff (State Plan Goal 5, Objective A3)

All three funding priorities are linked to specific goals and objectives from the State Historic Preservation Plan (2021).