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Stadium Theatre, Woonsocket

18 State Preservation Grants Announced

In 2021, RIHPHC received 35 State Preservation Grants applications for capital preservation projects at museums, cultural arts centers, and public historic sites. Following review by staff and the State Preservation Grants Review Panel, the Commissioners approved more than $1.18 million in funding for 18 projects around the state. The 2021 grant round was funded by the March 2021 Cultural Arts and State Preservation Grants Programs ballot measure as well as carryover funds from a 2014 ballot measure.

RIHPHC Interim Executive Director Jeffrey Emidy noted, “Rhode Island is recognized nationally as a leader in historic preservation and the arts. These state grants are investments that build on our strengths.” (1/11/22) Governor's press release



Apply for a Certified Local Government Grant

Applications are available for FFY 2022 Certified Local Government (CLG) Grants. Grants will support projects within the following categories: Identification and Evaluation of Historic Resources, Planning Activities, Resource-Specific Activities, Public Education Activities, and Statewide Projects. 

Within these categories, three funding priorities will merit special consideration:

  • Projects that help communities plan for protecting historic resources from the effects of climate change and sea level rise
  • Projects that promote the recognition or preservation of resources associated with historically underrepresented groups
  • Projects that will provide training opportunities for historic district commissions and municipal planning staff

Applications must be submitted by January 21, 2022.


Miss Lorraine Diner, Pawtucket (counter)

New on the National Register:
Miss Lorraine Diner

A diner in Pawtucket has received federal recognition for its significance to the history of architecture, commerce, and industry. Recently restored, the Miss Lorraine Diner is a rare surviving example of a “semi-streamliner” diner, an important building type that influenced the design of American fast-food restaurants. (11/5/21) press release