Tomaquag Museum Health and Wellness Learning Series: Imagining our Future with Animals

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**Please note: This learning series is limited to the Indigenous community. Stay tuned for more details on how to register! 

Tomaquag Museum and Creature Conserve are teaming up!

Imagining our Future with Animals
A Tomaquag Museum Health and Wellness Learning Series presented in partnership with Creature Conserve

Imagining our Future with Animals is a new addition to the Tomaquag Museum Health and Wellness learning series presented by our IEN Manager, Samantha Cullen-Fry, and Dr. Lucy SpelmanArtist and Education intern, Haley Johnson, and writer Susan Tacent will facilitate the creative portion of the sessions.

This new series is about animal conservation.
Together, participants will combine science, art, traditional ecological knowledge, cultural knowledge, and life experience to explore the many connections between human and animal health.

There are two sessions are planned: Quahog/Deer and Beaver/Hawk.

Each session will include presentations by Samantha and Dr. Lucy followed by conversation and creative time facilitated by Haley and Susan. Writing, sketching, and collaging materials will be provided. 

These sessions will be hybrid; both in-person and virtual. 

The material presented will explore how animal and human health are interconnected and how we can use this understanding to live in a healthy balance with nature. We will consider how our shared needs for air, food, water, shelter, room to move, and each other connect us. We will also consider the ecological, cultural, and economic value of each animal in the past, present, and future. 

Participants will be encouraged to imagine a positive, healthy future with these animals that are informed by our past and present relationships with them. The resulting stories, sketches collages, and paintings will be put into a limited print publication or an exhibition.


Contact: (401)491-9063